Quality Training in a World Class Facility

With a full timetable consisting of dedicated Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Submission Grappling and MMA classes, catering to all ages and abilities – we are taking martial arts training in Tamworth to the next level. Whatever your motivation or goals, we have a flexible timetable and the membership options to meet your training needs.

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A Supportive Community

We like to think we provide a relaxed, friendly and safe environment for anyone regardless of age, gender, ability or experience to train in the Martial Arts. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never so much as thrown a punch or are an experienced competitor looking for some new training partners, all are welcome.

Pursue Competition or Train for Fun

Many of our members have competed successfully not only in MMA, but across all of the disciplines we train here at the Immortal Combat Academy. Though many have no interest or desire to compete, training just for fitness or fun. Those who wish to compete will get the support they need, those don’t, won’t be pressured to do so.

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159a Sandy Way Amington Industrial Estate
B77 4ED

The Next Generation

If you ask any of our older members – those that didn’t, will all tell you the same thing. They wish they had started training when they were kids. We run two programmes, a younger class for those aged 3-7, and an older class for those ages 7-15. Give your kids a headstart… Find out more

Beginners Courses

Learn alongside other beginners on one of our affordable six week introductory courses. You will get your own equipment and learn all the basics of MMA, BJJ or Muay Thai – start the journey that will change your life… Find out more